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The story takes place in a castle of the Nordic countries. The narrator tells a strange phenomenon. The hero called Count Oluf has an evil double. The history of this double goes back to the past. The mother of the hero named Edwige lived in a castle. One evening a stranger asked for hospitality to escape a tempest; he was received and remained there for a long time. The stranger, who was a Bohemian and a master singer, had a gleaming crow that beat the measure on his masters shoulder. The Bohemian seduced by his sibylline words the young Edwige who was married to Count Lodborg. The latter hoped to have a boy. His wish was fulfilled, the little Oluf was born. He looked strangely like the master singer. Oluf was born under a double star, one green and the other red. The child was difficult in character. Sweet as an angel and a stranger as a devil. When he was 20, he got ready to see the woman he loved. He crossed the forest on his horse Mopse with his two giant dogs Murg and Fenris. Brenda, poses a single condition to accept the love of Oluf: The latter must kill his double. Returning to see her the next day, the hero meets his double, kills him in a fight of titans and brings his fiancée home. Giving reason to the prediction of old Count Lodbord, the green star prevailed over the red star. Ds black eyes metamorphosed into azure, a color of celestial reconciliation to the delight of Lodborg smiling in his tomb and for the peace of Edwiges soul.

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