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Isobel Phaelan has unintentionally just started a war and manages to lose her best friend to the draft in the process. Captured by a brain probing orbital and imprinted as a traitor, she finds herself rescued by a mysterious woman, through whom Isobel discovers that she is no longer safe in Landgraevan, an empire contained within a holographic, mind controlling bubble. Now Isobel must return to her place of birth, the territories east of the vast, ice capped Pythean mountain range, Moredea. It is a land very different than Landgraevan, a land of brilliant sun drenched fields and cobalt seas and a not so apparent ancient mystic ruling elite as dark as the darkest, starless Landgraevan hologram night. Traveling by ways of the ancient and abandoned underground railway tunnels, Isobel encounters more than mythical beasts and cursing dragons; she faces the peculiar nature of her own being. Along the way, she'll befriend a boy and his dog, striking up a friendship that will endure unimaginable revelations, a friendship that, in time, will prove that most cliché of sentiments to be true: Love indeed conquers all. Set in a world devastated by violent meteor storms centuries earlier, Book One of the Emergent series is the story of Isobel and her journey home.

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