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Brandon Beaumont can charm any woman he sets his mind to. Looking as though he had been stripped from the covers of GQ magazine, he was indeed bewitching, but is Alina strong enough to put his captivating bearing aside and focus on what is to come? Alina is quite aware of what his goal is. Even though he says that he would never harm her, she knows that once he’s in his darkened state, that he has no control over what he does. His only goal is to kill all the Fair-Haired-Haired-Ones. Including her. No matter if she is his virgin. No matter if he says he loves her so deeply that it hurts. He will want her dead as sure as anything when the time comes. But, will Alina be prepared and strong enough to fend him off? Abeddon, who disguises himself in many ways. A human, an animal, or object. He roams the earth, searching for weak, dark souls to recruit into his army. His goal is to rule the earth and will stop at nothing until he possesses every living being within. Full of deceit, he will fool anyone who crosses his path. His children, which some are known as the “Fair-Haired-Ones,” walk the earth freely and obtain great power. Some use dark magick, black magick to get what they yearn for. Not only are they identified by having pale, white hair and electric green eyes, but also, they have the mark of the triple goddess on the inside of their right wrist. Only female, these women call themselves enchantress’s while they are, in fact, witches. One set of twins will be born from the womb of a powerful goddess. One will be good, the other, evil. The good one will have the power to bring down their ruler and bestow peace on earth to all.

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