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A young girl vanishes while playing in the forest of the Adirondack Mountain region. A reclusive writer is accused of committing the horrendous crime of murder and mayhem. Eleven years later, Troy Matthews is released from prison, and he and the girls sister Jenna, set out to discover the real truth of her sisters disappearance. Along with an exceptional young man, they journey into the unknown within the underworld beneath the forest. Meet the Gods, Goddesses, elementals, fairies, ancestral spirits, and evil creatures that dwell in the lower Earth. Accompany the cortege as they strive to find the missing girl, and become tangled in an eternal battle between good and evil. Discover hidden worlds within worlds, and the beings who exist between them. Be discreet and respectful to the entities you encounter, for some are benevolent, and others are intent on the annihilation of all of creation!

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