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TABLE OF CONTENTS:1. Tea and Victory -- Bloody revenge. And a nice cup of tea.2. Family Nonsense -- I dont care how weird your family is, this one is weirder.3. Win -- Kate. Brilliant. Heartless. Fatal.4. Youre Gonna Love This Guy -- The Boy Scoutingest Boy Scout who ever scouted.5. Lucky -- Some days you have to outsmart a serial killer.6. Creations and Saviors -- Art, love, passion, and rescue.7. Hog House -- An everyday diner, a gaudy waitress, a secret identity.8. Underground -- Hector runs into an old, old, old, old, OLD enemy in a small town theater. Its not pretty.9. Easy -- The moonshine trade was a Mans Game, but Bitsie had no trouble playing.10. Hell of A Lady -- Hal cannot say enough good things about Eileen.11. The Twist -- Movies, fanboys, and a surprise ending. What more do you need?12. The Importance of Blue -- 1:08 p.m. April 4, 1993. Life in Stevensville changes forever.13. Pop Culture Sucks book preview -- Walter cant stand pop cultures portrayal of Vampires any longer. Heres his rebuttal.

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