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If vampires really do exist, who was the first vampire? Were they created? How accident would they be? If they ever were truly among us, they must have had a culture and life hidden in society thousands of years ago. What would old vampires (between 500-1,000 years old) think of today's Emos and Gothic-vamps? What would any of them do if they were confronted with a real vampire who claimed he is a relative of their family? Fantastic Vampires brings together the fictions of immortal vampires in conjunction with the real, mortal, vampire sub-culture presently practiced in America today. Before the bat, vampires bore another symbol: The Lion. The Epilogue provides the foundation for Fantastic Vampires, the backgrounds of the immortal vampires, dating back to the era of their creation: the era of Moses. Considered Lions, (or those of the Lion race) these humanoids are spawned from the Nephelim, known as, the fallen ones. They are children of the Angels; The children of God. Fantastic Vampires is an epic fictional tale, derived from prophesies and documentations dating back to the ancient times B.C. The story's many locations include Texas in America, Naphel, Palestine, Rome, and Romania. This book contains mild bloodshed, violence, adult situations and language. The e-book version does not contain the pictures nor various other things that will be in the hardback edition such as the chapter on Fantastic Vampire's slang & definitions.

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