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After suffering for decades at the greedy hands of his so called author agent and friend, Robert K. Le Grande found a way to substitute himself into another body he himself created in his litany of book series. Born albino then becoming a paraplegic in a work accident, Robert melded his personality with his doppelgänger over a couple of weeks eventually convincing his agent Geraldine De Valvierre she or he were in danger and sending her into a paranoid delusion. On the night she turns up after finding out about his ruse, she kills him as Fayer's real incarnation watches on. She then is killed by Fayer who in reality is Robert. Days and weeks pass as Robert lives his dreams with the money he extorted from Geraldine before she killed him. Gradually Robert feels changes in his physique that turn out to be reforming traits of his previous body. Fayer was a natural clone killer in Roberts books and was tasked in destroying 'The Culminac', a book that describes satanic rituals which require computer and electronic gene enhancement. Before The destroyer can be unleashed, Fayer must find 'The Culminac' and stop the devolution of mankind to evil slaves of death. Robert finds his work cut out for him as he now must find the book and the lead disciple before his reversal is complete, all the while trying to evade the lead disciple who turns out to be a reincarnated Geraldine.

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