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Discover the captivating world of the Felinar in this series of short stories. The royal line of shape-shifting Felinars may rule the human Provincial Unity, but their reigns are plagued by intrigue and danger. Not only must they contend with enemies at their borders, but they must also wage an interior war with the power-hungry Regents who govern the provinces across their land. Join the Felinar in these four separate tales as they rise to power, pit their skills on the battlefields of love and politics, and struggle with their inner savagery.In THE FIRST FELINAR, the saga begins with a child half human and half Felinani, a race able to shift from human into cat form. A product of two worlds, Micah must find a way to reconcile the two halves of himself and protect the ones he loves.In MARK OF THE FELINAR, Cyric first meets his Felinar as a young soldier, an encounter that alters the course of his life. From that moment, he vows to become Felinar Raelin’s First Arrow, her most trusted protector. To do so, he must find a way to defeat her current treacherous First.In FELINARS CHOICE, Raelin faces the Alt Ceremony, a yearly demonstration of a Felinar’s ability to control their savage animal side and a time for her people to bring their concerns before her. The Regents use this opportunity to force Raelin to choose a mate who will rise to power at her side.In FELINARS BLOOD, Arland and Edana are the first Felinani to rule together, a responsibility the young twins are forced to shoulder after the untimely deaths of their parents. Facing a court full of potential murderers and a country full of angry, grieving people, the siblings must find a way to survive what has become a deadly game of politics.

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