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Game of Destiny Book III: Portal is the third book of J Seab’s Oddment Quest, a gripping story that soars beyond the standard fantasy tale of brutal heroes in service to loathsome lords. J Seab’s books lure us into a fresh new world founded on cooperation and likable characters who strive to overcome atrocities inflicted by invading forces they had not known for millennia. Willow, determined to fulfill the destiny passed to her by her dolfin friends, is captured by the Flame of Sacrifice tribe deep beneath the Chain Mountains where she is given the choice to face the trials of the Portal of Truth or forever forsake her quest for the Staff of Truth. Willow rallies her courage and steps through the Portal where she is thrust into a realm beyond time and space—a realm that assaults her core of being and begins to rip her essence into non-existence. Willow’s companions continue to grapple with an intensifying menace that points to an immanent invasion by a dark army with little respect for their values. But thousands of years of compassion and peace among their communities have dulled the people’s ability to understand the terrifying consequences of bloodthirsty hordes rampaging through their unprotected towns. Regardless, they are too late. Ruthless swordsmen crush the country’s hastily assembled defenders leaving decimation and brutalized bodies in their wake. They occupy a strategic town and begin to transform it into an armed camp while escalating the second phase of their campaign: the subjugation of the naive citizens of Etus by enslaving them to the addictions of greed and the competitive hierarchies of power controlled by the invader’s noble elite. Clarity, quickly becoming a major element of the invader’s strategy, transfers to the tavern in Stonybruk where she is instructed to turn the values and loyalties of the people to embrace the liberation proclaimed by the invading army. But Clarity quickly discovers that Stonybruk is nothing like what she expected and begins to battle with conflicting emotions that leaves her confused and uncertain. The population of Etus is shocked into a new reality where the hierarchies of power rule and only money commands the respect of others.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102081316
    • ISBN:  9781310081668

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