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Tannor Fitzgerald is a young scholar and supernatural investigator consumed by crushing skepticism and apathy. Employed by a prestigious university in the medieval country of Falloris, he searches his homeland for evidence of the impossible… real magic. After countless disappointments and the loss of his beloved brother to a war he wants nothing to do with, his hope of finding the extraordinary is waning. But when darkness, rain and a weary soul forces Tannor to seek refuge in a small village inn, something stirs him for the first time in years. An enigmatic stranger with surreal, piercing blue eyes and his beautiful companion have taken shelter there, and Tannor cannot help but stare. His scholar’s curiosity and tenacious persistence will not allow him to walk away. Tannor’s life is about to change forever. He is about to embark on one final journey in his quest to discover genuine magic, and he may get more than he bargained for.

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