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When Gertie meets the love of her life, a soldier named John Ellis, everything in her world (and other worlds) change for her. This is the story of how Gertie and Luna came to Enchanted and Gerties struggle to make her daughter, Ophelia, understand that life is good as a mortal. Ophelia is stubborn and will stop at nothing to get back to Enchanted and the way life was there. Will Ophelia be successful? Or will she be forced to live out her days in feline form after a rebellious act against Johns son causes her life to change yet again? Let me make you a cup of her delicious chocolate coffee and tell you her story. This is the fifth book in the Ghost Series and tells how Luna got her bubble butt. Each book in the Ghost series has enough background to be enjoyed as a stand alone story, but why miss out on all of the fun?

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