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Scrolling down this page will bring you to links for sampling various file-types of the novel. God's Wilderness comprises the last two books of The God's Cycle. —Mystery Gottheim— begins God's Wilderness, fourth book of The God's Cycle, in which the Gothic New England landscape comes alive in its original hold upon the yankee imagination. Whether it's the man-dog apparition, a visitation of mythic Forest Folk, or the strange case of loose bones in a deserted graveyard, the woods are alive with both fancy and reality for characters we've come to know. Fifth book and climax of The God's Cycle. Balder's Wilderness is a dark fantasia of the afterlife. The Gott'imite Vietnam veteran searches for his lost son on a wooded mountainside in Western Maine, meeting a stranger claiming to be a local and offering to guide him. Perplexed, he agrees, but soon realizing that his love and dedication to his son may lead him to realms beyond this life and time. The cycle is five books, in two parts. In chronological order: GOD'S HOUSE. Return to God's House. Within Without (a.k.a. Within Without God's House). In Winter (a.k.a. God's House in Winter). GOD'S WILDERNESS. 4. Mystery Gottheim. 5. Balder's Wilderness. Plus Gott'im's Monster. The God's Cycle is five books, or can be purchased in two parts: God's House and God's Wilderness.

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