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Dursdan forced himself to move forward, pulling the gate shut quietly behind him. He glanced frantically around the courtyard hoping to see his father or brother. No one else was there. He was alone with the beast. A trickle of sweat dribbled into his eyes. Dursdan blinked to clear his vision. He swallowed and began creeping around the edge of the courtyard. The dragon's eyelids were mostly closed but Dursdan could feel the Silver's gaze following him along the path. Tiny pinpricks ran down his spine. He tried to melt into the lengthening shadows of the inner wall. His throat tightened and a great inner drum pounded in his ears. He was almost to the door. Sinotio snorted. Dursdan jumped the last few steps and fled inside. Dursdan would rather be a farmer and have nothing to do with the magical beasts that protect the Valley, but his father is a Dragon Lord. As the first born son, he's expected to follow in his father's footsteps. When his father risks his life to obtain a rare golden egg, Dursdan is forced to carry it. But the threads of the past have already woven him into their mysterious patterns and he must protect the egg from a wizard who would enslave Gold Magic.

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