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Yes, the last three nights, she had been terrified to go to sleep. The nightmares would start off calmly. She was lost in woods she had never been in before. It is a smoky hazy night with thick fog covering the land. The moon, hidden behind the clouds, glints a low beam, not enough for Kelly to see the path in front of her. She is not a nature person, she was raised and bred in a city environment all of her life. The unfamiliar environment in her dreams freaked her out. Every sound the wild creatures created in the hidden dark mysterious foliage caused her to be extra hyper-vigilant and jumpy. She heard scurrying of little feet and something not familiar growling sounds were stalking her, which scared her more. She ran erratically, going west, then east, confused. Her heart was racing, her breath ragged and she stop for a moment, to oriented herself to the surroundings. She listened to the noises, to judge which direction her pursuers were coming from and which direction she should continue to run. Trying to escape what was chasing her. She sped with a quick light footed pace over the moist wet ground, almost slipping on the muddy leaves. She was frantic with fear when she felt a warm loving presence surround her.

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