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Listen to the tale the dead man tells.Ian Mears is the longest continuously serving member of Manchesters GOON SQUAD. As the Revenant he has fought crime, confronted supervillains, and had more limbs severed than he cares to think about. Whilst regenerating his most recently lost right arm, Ian lapses into a recuperative coma, hoping that he will not dream.It is a vain hope. He dreams of the man he used to be when he was merely mortal and all the happier for it. It is a disjointed dream, and parts of it may not be the truth, but he must listen and watch through his own unreliable narrative the events leading up to his death and rebirth as a cynical, embittered zombie.GOON SQUAD is an ongoing "prose comicbook," the other episodes of which are available at this retailer.Cover by Lara Margarida.

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