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Foundation story: The Liberal and Conservative parties have received a huge surprise from the voters of Prince Edward Island - after one too many years of blatant cronyism and corruption and incompetence, these mainstream establishment parties get turfed in favor of a group of Independents. Together this non-corporate coalition undertakes to fulfill their election promises and turn PEI into a modern Green Island - a government actually of, by and for the people, rather than one dominated by and run for the benefit of corporate lobbyists and bankers, a government in which a modern, prosperous, sustainable society providing for all of its citizens adequately and fairly takes precedence over ever-growing corporate profits at whatever cost to people and our planet’s environment.Complicating story: But the corporate lobbyists and bankers are not happy with this turn of events, and undertake, with the help of the American government ‘regime change’ program and Canadian RCMP, a return of ‘their’ fiefdom.Complication for the complicators: But then the wouldbe regime changers get a bit of a surprise themselves this time - an unexpected show of unexpectedly vigorous support for Green Island from the new Nordic Union, who decree that they will no longer accept the of the Americans to interfere with sovereign governments they dont like, just because they can and they want to.Third thread, as we move into other realms: During this conflict, our protagonist is showing some old ‘utopians’ around Green Island, exploring the actuality of how a real, for-the-people democracy would function, politically, socially, and sustainably - Henry Thoreau finds his new Walden Pond a pleasant place to reflect, Thomas Paine is as fiery as you would expect as he directs the Island Voice newspaper against the Colonialist Times, Ms Carson is pleased to see someone finally listening to her, even a certain John Galt is pleasantly surprised at how well a social democracy works, and others pop in from time to time.Fourth storyline from an even greater realm: And somewhere as all of this is happening, things get really interesting - when the US threatens to nuke Green Island to once again stop the spread of the deadly contagion of Real Democracy, the Universal Incorporate decides s/he’s had enough and it’s time to put all of humanity on trial for their overall barbarism throughout their time of dominance on this planet, and their endless attacks on Truth and Beauty and Justice sending waves of highly unsettling discordances throughout the universe, during which we see, for example, Faro figuring how to use some newish thing called ‘religion’ to control the masses, a certain G Bush gets barbequed not Texas style for lies, and much else of interest. And then - well. It all plays out on Green Island.

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