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An unexpected knock at the door of his cottage will forever change the life of young Rennis. With an unsettling warning of impending danger and a compelling invitation, he escapes from the Tresed Valley, traverses the Plains of Eil, and finds himself standing before the gate of the Castle of Ekklesia. Follow his journey as it takes him through the Cross-Gate into a palace fi lled with mystery and intrigue. Graced with a new identity (now called Nevigrof ) and a new life purpose, Nev will spend a lifetime unlocking and exploring the castles innumerable rooms. Discover with him the secrets of passage that will lead him to the castles upper levels and consequently to a higher understanding of the castles Master. Be warned: the way is difficult, riddled with unforeseen dangers, as the Masters enemies stop at nothing to frustrate Nevs progress. Even the Great Dragon, Reficul himself, openly defies him. Will Nev survive the onslaught? And can he overcome the greatest challenge to his resolvehis own flawed humanity? A gripping allegorical tale of life and death, defeat and victory, as well as love and loss, you will be enriched as you identify with the similarities in your own life journey and are challenged with life-altering choices of your own.

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