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Time is running out for Hecate, queen of witches; to live, she must find a suitable sacrifice and vessel for her soul. So when Elena miraculously survives the Black Death, she is plunged into a dangerous world of witchcraft and demons, where she must learn the skills of a warrior and the arts of a sorcerer. Aided by her friends Armando, a soldier and Khalid, an alchemist, Elena must fend off Hecate’s acolytes and her legions of fire demons, until she can discover a way to destroy the great witch. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, which takes Elena from medieval Florence, to Constantinople, Rome, feudal Japan and Elizabethan England. Along the way, she transforms into a formidable warrior, well versed in dark magic and psychic martial arts. But will that be enough, when she faces Hecate in a final reckoning before the sacrificial altar at Baalbek?

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