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Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it. Six-hundred-year-old vampire Eddy DeVere’s dearest wish has come true, he has rediscovered the reincarnation of the young woman he calls his ‘Angel’, his muse, subject of an age-old obsessive, yet unrequited, passion.He found, rescued and saved her life only to barely escape with his own. Now he has to deal with the consequences. Erzsebet, his nutty cousin, needs rescuing. He has a squatter, Tia, a winged offshoot of human evolution, that just won’t leave. The uninvited entity in his basement well is playing up, and Jackie, his prodigal housekeeper, is wearing on his last nerve.To top it off… he’s had a visit from the ‘filth’ and an ancient enemy, The Knights Templar, have reappeared.Everyone, it seems, wants a piece of Eddy.All he wants is to be in love, spliff up and chill out, but he bit off more than he can chew this time, and now he has to make some tough choices.Should he fight to conquer his own nature, protect Angel and take a chance on ‘true love’.Or should he embrace his inner monster, fight for survival, and engage in mortal combat with Holy Terrors.

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