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If you lie and deceive others to help you save the world, are your actions still considered noble? Edoria is at war. Artos Hestrom retreats back to his home town of Corsin where he is given the task to retrieve a powerful crystal called the Eldon Star. The ageing Artos uses deceit and lies to procure people to help him on the journey and the plight from a half-man, half-elf called Chet, provides the perfect cover. Ruehl’s stranglehold on the land tightens as he relentlessly pursues leads on the Eldon Star. Hordes of the vile Kròkos spread terror in cities and are lead to war by the dreaded black knight. Time is of the essence as the forces of good and evil race towards finding the Star. Artos’ nephew, Ethan, volunteers to join the mission without knowing Artos’ true motives. However, Ethan’s death has been foreseen in a vision. Knowing that Ethan would certainly die if he is included on the journey, Artos must choose between the fate of his family and the fate of the world.

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