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Icarious the Mighty was the greatest warrior in the world; he was also the greatest celebrity of his time and arguably the greatest criminal in history. Given his mysterious birth, his blue hue, and his inexhaustible record of amazing deeds and exploits, many people believed he was the ‘Chosen One’.According to the ‘Legend of the Blue Jewel’ the Gods created a jewel that housed all their powers; it was their gift to the world, but only the Chosen One could claim it. The Gods decided that the Chosen One be born from the union of a human and a dragon.Though Icarious wasn’t the first person in history to claim such a pedigree, he was by far the most promising candidate to come along. This notion made people cringe. By most accounts Icarious was not a good man: he led a wanton life, had a quick temper, acted with impunity, and generally eschewed reflection if it required more than two consecutive thoughts. He was definitely the one person you wouldn’t want tinkering with the powers of the Gods.But the world had little to fear in this respect for Icarious dedicated most of his life pursuing everything but his putative ‘destiny’. No one was certain why this was so, but none dared to ask why.

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