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    Dr. Dale McCowan is comfortable in his secluded corner of huge Hunter Scientific, Inc., until his calm, family-centered life is troubled by an impromptu interview with Assistant Vice President Janet Hunter. The unsettling meeting is only the beginning. Janet begins to intrude on Dales quiet existence. Confused, Dale is intimidated into working on a mysterious project that not only frightens him, but separates him from his beloved family. Isolated and subjected to insidious tricks to force his total cooperation, Dale tries to find a way back home. Desperate to end his enslavement, Dale befriends a fellow disgruntled worker. Together they try to end their forced servitude. When the alliance is disclosed, Dale finds himself in deeper peril and in tighter controls. Worse, he discovers he has become an important part of a project as immoral as it is illegal. Horrified, he uncovers the grisly details of a murderous conspiracy that forever silences those who know too much. Helplessly, Dale slides down into a dark cave of terror. Can he work out a plan of escape and redemption? Is he able to accomplish the quixotic impossible? Will innocence be protected? Can justice be served?

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