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FOR CENTURIES, DRAGONS WERE THOUGHT TO BE A MYTH. THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. In 1793 the H.M.S. SIRIUS spotted dragons flying off the northwestern shore of Australia while making an attempt to circumnavigate the southern continent. It was decided to capture a living specimen or, at the very least, bring the remains of one back to England. This decision turned out to be fatal for the ship and her crew. After a battle with the SIRIUS, the dragons, with their ability to change shape and realizing their solitude was about to change forever, decided to adapt to a human way of life. The creation of the closed village of Dragons’ Keep allowed them to keep their isolation in an ever shrinking world. Two hundred years later the dragon Farrir, unable to accept the self-imposed segregation, leaves Dragons’ Keep. It is in Hawaii where he starts to assimilates himself into human society. He moves freely in human form by day, and hunts as a dragon by night. Fearing that he may be discovered, he moves on to the mainland. Concerned that Farrir could endanger the community of dragons, Yachin is sent to track him down and stop him by any means necessary. Following a bloody trail across southern America, Yachin catches up with Farrir in Waco, Texas. There, with the help of a dreaming child and her mother, Yachin and Farrir finally collide.

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