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The heart is yearning for some antiquity?Legendary?Adventurous?And fantasy?Then this is for you!Visiting antique cities of•Egypt•Greece•And Babylonia!“That was connected with an ancient legend. There was said that somewhere beyond the river, in the Candle Valley there existed the Water of Eternity. And the Candle Valley situated beyond the Nile in the Unexplored Land.How would it be if the Pyramids were poured with the Eternity Water? Undoubtedly, no matter whatever curse had been laid on them, it would be immediately removed and the breakdown would stop at once. They would stand for eternity. But who could bring that water? Who can vanquish all the difficulties of the mysterious path leading to the Candle Valley?”Rediscover the Greek myths making conversations with the Olympic Gods.“Perseus, don’t be so stubborn. After you return to your city, the time will come, when everything will depend on you – the destiny of your city and your people”.“My people?”“Yes, listen. There, with this sword and shield, you’ll have to protect your city from horrible Medusa Gorgon”.“Sanam, stop, what are you talking about?” impatiently, her friends interrupted her. “We know the legend of Perseus. But how this ordinary, real Perseus could be that legendary Perseus? That’s impossible!”“It seems, we, not aware of it ourselves, turned to be the characters of unwritten pages of the legend”.“But I am just a son of ...”“... a poor fisherman? No, you aren’t,” Sanam ignored it before Perseus could finish the sentence. “Athena is your sister, Apollo’s your brother and you’re the son of Zeus”.Unforgettable visit to the dense of the Peloponessian forest and making acquaintance with spirits of nature...Nymphs, satyrs, sirens and maenads...“Ah! Too much have we wandered in this forest. I’ve begun to see phantoms!” startled Amira. “What nonsense – had a tree turned to a girl?”“Then, we’ve all gone crazy, because, I can also see the girl,” said Sanam staring at the girl, who had a peculiar appearance. She was dressed in, very strange, yes, wooden clothes. She had a thick stem-belt on her waist; leaves, as smooth as silk were covering her body; little flowers, hanging from thin twigs were her skirt. All her appearance made an impression that the girl had been hiding in the tree-cloth and her face wasn’t visible because of dense leaves. And when she moved and raised her head, it was seen that she was a real girl in a wood-cloth. The tree-girl noticed Parnissyd first.“Oh, Viva to the beauty of the nymphs!” she said. “What made a nymph, a satyr and three human beings visit our place?”Ancient legends and ancient mystery were reborn in the modern world!

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