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Vesper Three is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar - a male of her kind - a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians. Drawn to his rebellious nature and impressive talents, Three cannot resist breaking the rules to enjoy a little bit of life with him.  Then along comes Jack, the human train engineer she saves in an explosion. His touch weakens both her knees and her sense of duty. But loving a human is even more forbidden by immortal law than her friendship with Sychar is. And Jack's human body can only withstand so much interrogation from the powerful, temperamental Vesper elders.  Now Three must choose between her immortal duties, her closely-held friendship, and the life of her human lover. But with every choice comes a dire cost, and not every cost is hers to pay.

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