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Johnny was brought to the United States from the jungles of Africa. He was sold to a pet store in Roseville, Virginia, where he was givin the name Johhny. He is a fifteen inch yellow- headed amazon oratrix, and appears to be about four years old. Later a man named Howard Udall, {also known as Hud} purchased him. Hud is an ex- Navy Seal member ,is a forty-five years old bachelor, and works for NCIS as an investigator. His apartment is in Roseville Virginia, a quiet little town about forty miles south of Washington, DC. Hud became acquainted with Johhny, when he stopped into a pet store to buy food for his fish, Hud was thinking about stopping for pizza and beer on his way home, as he is walking past the parrot cages he hears a voice saying " pizza and beer sure sounds good to me too." Hud looks up at the parrot and thinks, what's up with this crazy bird. Johnny says back " I'm not crazy, just hungry and thirsty. " Hud asks Johnny how did you know what I was thinking?" I can read minds Johnny replies, but please don't tell the storekeeper,I don't trust him he always has bad thoughts on his mind. Hud asks, "read my again, what am I thinking?" You are thinking about buying me," Hud asks Johnny a few more questions, and realizes he has special talents. and needs to get him out of there. Hud goes to the counter and pays for Johnny, then the two of them leave with Johnny perched on Hud's shoulders.

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