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Junta – noun; a clique that seeks to obtain power, usually through intrigue or revolution.Clique – noun; a small group having the same motive.There is an enemy lurking in our land today with the potential to destroy our children and youth. This adversary is the occult and there is a frightening increase of interest in this dangerous activity among our young people. This should alarm us.The dictionary describes the occult as secret, mysterious, and hiding from view. Occultism is to study the philosophy, or the ways of hidden or secret beings, often known or referred to as those who inhabit the “dark side.” Frequently, though not exclusively, this includes the realm of witches, wizards, warlocks, magicians, wiccans, spells, curses, and a host of different names for similar practitioners and practices.The greatest danger hides in two points of view—those who deny the existence of the occult and those who are intrigued by it. These two conflicting opinions should not surprise us. Cunning promoters of evil constantly encourage such thinking to divide, conquer, and destroy us. Children and young people can easily become involved in these dark practices with the click of a mouse or a visit to their public library or local bookstore. Society has become desensitized to the severity of the problem because occult practices are so commonplace. Bookshelves are full of books promoting the occult, the Internet is saturated with satanic material, and television programs portraying the occult abound.The danger is not in a child’s curiosity. We cannot stop children from being inquisitive about such things, but we need to encourage a healthy dialogue between parents and children. Parents should feel comfortable enough to discuss the dangers of the occult with their offspring.I penned Junta in the hope of using truth and imagination to expose what is behind all evil. I pray the book you are about to read will reveal the consequences of participating in occult practices, while also showing how this evil can be overcome. I believe if our children can be mentored by God-fearing role models and taught important life lessons revealed in this book, we have a good chance of saving the next generation and defusing the otherwise potential danger of their dabbling in this shrouded area of quicksand.Youth thrive when given loving support and proper boundaries. They are sensitive to the evils in this world, delight in doing right, are very impressionable, and are looking for reality and adventure. It is my hope that after reading Junta, they will discover enough truth to sustain them against subtle evil influences that constantly seek to get their attention and then their minds.Junta contains truth for all ages. Families will cheer when Allen discovers the source of evil and a powerful way to combat it.We live in a day and age when experts are trying to discover what makes men do evil deeds, believing if they could crack this code they could change the world. I have a different philosophy. I believe the youth of any society are the future of a nation, and if virtue and integrity are introduced, planted, and cultivated in the hearts of our children and young people, families and countries would be changed for the better forever.

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