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When a crime in the good city is committed, the police get sent out to investigate. They know the job, the sight of strife and violence has become a common sight to most over the years. Usually, it doesn’t follow when you go back to the office… or home, like it was a lingering scent upon the winds. When Simon and Logan look upon a murder scene and stand there staring at the decapitated body of a nude man, things begin to change in their world. No one told them they were dealing with something new… or as they would soon discover, something very, very old. Everyone knows of the gators in the sewers… but no one ever mentioned there were demons in the shadows. No one mentioned when they hit the streets that morning that the myths and legends of the past were actually true. No one mentioned they now caught between the worlds we were raised to know… part of a world from the other side of the mirror where Goddesses and others of a far older world still exist and stand guard.

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