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    'I AM KING!' 'MAJESTY I KNOW NOT WHO I FEAR THE MOST, THEM OR YOU.' Loveable tyrant and handsome rogue, Courtians King Rapheaus Nolitus is deemed the most powerful and wealthiest monarch in the medieval world of elite knights and chivalry. Feared and loathed by his enemies, he is a great strategist demanding loyalty and respect. Cast into a web of the deepest darkest deception by those who surround him and influence his decisions to safeguard their power, he then meets the seductive Lavanya, an undescribable beauty of no noble birth who reluctantly enters the kings domain. Desire lust and erotic passion ensue but her past soon catches up with her and she fears for her life. Will the king protect her or cast her aside? Thrown into a world of betrayal they both must fight to defend themselves but they must first decide if they can trust each other. Wars are fought on brutal battlefields filled with bloodshed and treachery. Knights defend what is morally right and honourable but their allegiance is soon bought into question. Who amongst them will stand by their convictions? Will the kings obsession and tyrannical rule win hearts or test obedience? Only one person can uncover the cruel twist of truth in the end but it is the king who must have the courage to decide their fate. Conspiracy, greed and treason leads to, 'NO MERCY!'

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