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Centuries before, High King Arradon amassed his army against the tyranny threatened by his mortal enemy Abraxos. The victory he won that day was the birth of the Kingdom, a victory that would not have been possible without the aid of one man – Talain Dar-Khan.In the eight hundred years since that time, the Kingdom has seen many Kings, but always the nine Lords of Arradon have remained the same. Taking the names of their forefathers in a continuing line of mighty warriors, the nine Lords of Arradon have fought and defended the Kingdom in civil wars and the catastrophic events of the Demonwars.The Talain Dar-Khan of the time saw victory in this war, but at great personal cost – the loss of his adored Auleon. With a pyrrhic victory he exiled himself into the wilds of the South far from all he had known.Now five years later assassins are sent to kill him. In the fight he finds that he was decieved by a man that was a brother to him. The King is missing, presumed dead. The ursurper seeks the throne for himself and incredibly, intends to marry the woman that Talain thought dead.Now the legendary Talain Dar-Khan is compelled back to the life he walked away from. He seeks his beloved and the restoration of the line he has fought for all his life.With friends old and new he travels towards the capital. But forces are moving against him. The ursurper wants Talain dead. But there are others making their own moves in the game, bringing forth unstoppable dark forces that would see the utter destruction of the Kingdom.But he is Talain Dar-Khan, mightiest warrior of the age. And he will not be denied.

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