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The next big hit in magical fantasy?Endorsed by former Disney Studios director, Joie Albrecht: "A thoroughly enjoyable fantasy romp where mythology springs to life - and danger, mysticism and excitement fill the pages!"Annabel is a teen with special powers. When her archaeologist father returns from a dig in Bosnia with a strange orb, she feels compelled to sneak it into her school backpack. Later, with her friends Raj, Pete and Billy, Annabel enters an eerie forest and exposes the orb, awakening it. Instantly, forces beyond their control, transport the four children through an interdimensional wormhole, across the galaxy, to the planet of Tsarnum.There, they discover that their arrival has been foretold by an ancient prophesy and they find themselves caught up in a mythic quest, helping the ancient Wizards by fighting against terrifying evil forces. They fly through the air on giant Phoenixes, battle bizarre creatures who threaten their lives, and must confront both the Prince of Black Fire in his multidimensional underworld and the evil Queen Xandala. It is a perilous race against time to stop the Queen from awakening Prometheus, the God of Fire, who will bring swift, terrifying destruction upon the realms. The risks are high and everythings at stake; the very existence of the human race on Earth depends upon their success. If they fail, they will never get to see their families again.

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