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What would a group of gamers really do if they were somehow transported to a real fantasy world of myth and magic?One Saturday afternoon gamemaster Sue reveals to her players Blake, Damon and Kiara a large, mysterious mirror she purchased from a local junk shop, for use as a prop in their next adventure. What she doesn’t realise is that it’s actually an extremely powerful magic artefact known as the Mirror of Albiroth.Always theatrical, Sue recites a portal incantation she carefully copied down from one of her source books. The ancient mirror activates and drags the gamers to a parallel world known as the Magick Earth; a mirrorworld of enchantments and superstition instead of science and reason.When the gamers appear, the artefact mirror is nowhere to be found. As they wander through the streets of Magick Earth Sydney searching a way back, they encounter a number of colourful characters who believe they can help. But ultimately they learn that the only way they can return is through this planet’s equivalent of the Mirror of Albiroth.Unfortunately the artefact is located in eastern Europe, in a dark, mysterious city known as the Empire of the Undead. It is in the possession of Albiroth, chief wizard to the Emperor.With their new friends Blagan, Damocles, Aelfstan and Kyanne, the gamers much search for passage to the Empire. This task is not as easy as it sounds, as few want to travel to this unholy place. To make matters worse, a priest named Bishop Victoris starts following them, seeking to capture one of their members.Now the gamers are in a real life fantasy land, all they want is to return home to the world they know and love. With so many obstacles in their path, will they even make it to the Empire’s gates?

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