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New Moon Beach is a charmed hamlet by the sea. But when Olivia Merriman returns home from college to open her dream shop, Mystique creations, the entire town erupts in magical chaos. Happy to be reunited with her sorceress sisters - Constance the baker and Harmony the town mayor, Olivia is determined to forget Jonathan Maxwell, the man who broke her heart. Unfortunately life gets in the way as witches seem to pop up everywhere, ghosts move into her home, her magical cat has plans of her own and her father is determined to get in Olivia’s way.As if that’s not enough, someone is brewing up a plan to ruin the dream future of Mystique Creations. A fancy resort is being built right on her beach and is sure to destroy her brand new shop. And when Olivia finds out that her ex-boyfriend is leading the construction team she takes matters into her own hands. Not known for her spell casting talents, Olivia Merriman stops New Moon Beach in its tracks when her spell goes terribly awry.Just how much trouble can this young witch get herself into? It may take more than just a little morning magic to set it right; especially when an evil wizard steps in.

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