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With generations long passed since the events of Paper, a hero stumbles onto something which threatens to turn everything that he and his people have ever known onto its head: signs of another human settlement.As Ralic the Fifteenth searches for signs as to why this abandoned town has such strong indications of human life, but none to be found anywhere, the answers come quickly and at dangerous speed. Just as he comes to understand the significance of this secretive place, Ralic is captured by its people and is taken to the true town, the one deep underground, where the people spend their entire lives in labor.He awakens deep in a chasm filled with industry and ingenuity, but also with disease and fear. He soon realizes that his captors are not evil, but simply mistaken; labeling him a "spirit" that has come to deceive them. Just as he makes headway in teaching them about the world above and securing their trust, he comes face to face with the real reason that these people are trapped down here. Theres something else down in these tunnels with them; a creature that Ralic long dreamed of, but never wanted to meet – the crafty Overlord from the days of old, alive and as poisonous as ever.In the sequel to Paper see the power of truth as the Overlord turns the people against Ralic to have him executed. Its down to him and some unlikely villagers to save the town in this fast-paced short story which steps over and between genres.Looking for the prequel, Paper? Just search for "Paper - A Short Story".

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