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Nanamarvion has a problem. It’s men. The problem is that she wants one. Just for the short term. Her Great Grandmother’s affairs were legend. Nana figures that she can follow in her footsteps. Simple, right? After all, Everyone has sex!But it’s hard to develop even a short-term liaison when one spends one’s time traveling the continent, searching out and destroying Priests of Nelrad.Anyway, few of the men she meets are even slightly attractive to her and those few are generally married. And none of them can compare to the one she can’t forget—Prince Herma Elcsum of Oreh.But, since he, with a small army, chased her out of his country, Oreh, the one and only time they met, rekindling that very short relationship is fraught. Very fraught.However, four forces are at work to do that very thing.First, there’s Prince Elcsum himself, who has sent a message to Nana’s foster father, King Martzin, requesting a guide who can lead him and his retinue through Nanamarvion’s country, Ikuzua, and so back to his home. Unfortunately... fortunately?... Nanamarvion is the only available Ikuzuan near the prince at the moment who can do so.Second, there is Nana’s foster father, King Martzin of Ikuzua, who has sent her an order to do just that.And, third, there’s the spirits in the magical talismen known as the Tomom. They’ve been subtly guiding Nana ever since she donned the Tomom when she was a child. And, they have their own special reason for wanting to get the Prince and Nana together.And, fourth, Nana has heard that Prince Elcsum is a womanizer. So, as a man who has had hundreds of lovers, he would know how to let go afterwards without anyone getting hurt, right? She can have an affair with him and get him out of her blood once and for all! At least he’d be clean and know what goes where. Perfect!Or, maybe not.....

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