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Orcas Island. Jewel of the San Juan archipelago and a paradise in the Pacific Northwest. Until the nightmares and the murders. As manager of Eastsound's bookstore, Sapphire is accustomed to quiet days. But then the night comes. It's then that Sapphire finds herself to be a saboteur in a different body, in a different time. Her nightly exploits could be written off as fantastical dreams if it weren't for this: every morning she wakes with the scars of her adventures in darkness. Morning after morning she gets out of bed sore, bruised, and most inexplicably of all, pregnant. Just when things seem strangest, her nightmare demons break into her world and begin walking the streets of Eastsound in broad daylight. Sapphire must hurry to unravel the mystery of her nightworld and her other self. For her sanity, her unborn baby, and the fate of future generations. READER REVIEWS "Suspenseful, sometimes frightening and sometimes even funny. Every page has something good on it. ?????" "Pet wolves, nasty villains, worm holes, and a pregnant woman who has to figure it all out. Definitely worth a read. ?????" "This is a great piece of writing. The cosmic twin characters are vividly drawn with realism, insight and humor. ?????" "A compelling and imaginative adventure. The action is vivid and gripping. ?????" "This is pretty different from anything else I've read. Good stuff! ?????" "Nightworld was a fast and thrilling read. Kept me turning pages well past my usual bedtime. ?????" "A great adventure with a strong finish. ?????" "Nightworld is full of delicious sarcasm, wry wit, and of course kickin' butt with sharpened implements. ?????" "Best read for ages! ?????" "Riveting...Maureen Noel writes beautifully, with skill and imagination. ?????" "...took me on a journey of unpredictable twists and turns. ?????"

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