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Pastor Alexey Zimin lives in an ex-Soviet seaside town of Yuzhnogorsk. He has a great family, a dynamic ministry and loving friends. Everything good in his life is only beginning to happen when serious testings come his way: a death threat, a murder of a close friend and intimidation. As the area where he lives is on the verge of a spiritual revival, international assassins begin to terrorize the local population, including a growing Muslim minority. They appear to be connected to coup d’états in Africa and transnational oil corporations. Why Alexey is the target of the enemy’s attacks and who is behind that evil?Learn for yourselves how this story ends.The book was originally written in Russian and was translated into English to show what has been going on in ex-Communist countries since the collapse of the Soviet Union. There are not many books of that kind that show Christian life in the areas that used to be behind the Iron Curtain. The book describes the life of modern-day churches in the Russian-speaking world and gives flashbacks of the beginning of the 1990s when Christian churches came out from underground and began to preach the Gospel. Plus the book raises the awareness of the growing Muslim influence in the world and challenges Christians to share the Gospel in love with their Muslim neighbors.All the characters and the plot of this book are fictitious; however, almost all the events described here really took place in various areas of the former Soviet Union and the world.

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