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Alan Feralis, half dark elf and half human, elemental wizard and son of a knight, has been called upon by the elves, his most hated of enemies, to undertake a dangerous mission. He must travel to adistant mountain to awaken an ancient wizard sleeping for thousands of years in his tomb, because only such a wizard can fight the necromancer who has once more returned to the world. Meanwhile the entire world awaits the arrival of the necromancer's armies and the end of all life if he is not defeated. It seemed like such a simple task at first, for a powerful elemental wizard like Alan. Simply go to the mountain where he hope an ancient lay sleeping, send in his elemental servants, and have them tap on a an ancient wizard's tomb. Such a very simple, if dangerous task. But then things are seldom as simple as they appear. He never expected to awaken an entire family of ancient wizards, and after that thousands more. He never expected to have to do battle with the armies of the undead. And above all else, he never expected for the dragons to get involved.

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