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On the small island of Galiamank something nasty stalks the night. No one knows what, but whatever it is it has the power to steal through the streets unseen and unheard entering into houses unnoticed and without waking anyone within, kill and take the heart of it’s victim. Even two lovers lying together asleep have been pray. One waking up the next day to find their partner dead with their chests ripped open, both having slept peacefully unaware throughout the whole horrid ordeal. Nobody is safe on the island. Whatever it is, it strikes at night and takes when it can. Men, women and children have all died and there seems as though there is nothing that the citizens of the island can do to stop it. But now, the wizard of the island is sending out messages to the mainland into the Kingdom of Labpreane for brave mighty warriors. These messages are spreading, and not just throughout the kingdom, but throughout the whole world of Oldabrock. Perhaps the wizard knows something. Perhaps he knows something of the horror that is killing them, and perhaps the warriors, sure to come, can stop it…..Perhaps!

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