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The life of a vampire is not an easy one. It is even harder in Victorian England. From the moment vampires emerged from the shadows and entered the general populace, the established human government considered them as nothing more than lesser-evolved creatures. Even though they were born with human attributes and intelligence, they were determined to be mere animals in human form. Into this world Oliver Twist is born with an innate sense of right and wrong. But someone is determined to corrupt his innocence before he reaches adulthood. Much like the original tale of OLIVER TWIST (1837), OLIVER TWIST: VICTORIAN VAMPIRE (2015), complete with all new hand-drawn illustrations, is a fantasy-horror novel that exposes the emotions behind being treated as a lower class citizen solely because you were born different. It is a timeless tale of learning how to accept yourself, for who you are, without letting others damage your true character. BONUS: Includes the Play Anytime/Anywhere Rules to the thrilling companion parlour/party game, The Hunger, set in the universe of OLIVER TWIST: VICTORIAN VAMPIRE.

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