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In Origin of the New Dawn, readers are introduced to the Parallel World, the Rank of the Cowl, and five teenagers whose destinies are linked to the ‘Prophesy of the Six’. The Parallel World is “…the Realm that exists between the World of Mortals and The All. It is where the common can become extraordinary; and that which is extraordinary can become common.” Raised in the World of Mortals, sixteen-year-old twins Sarah and Todd Summers have always known what their mortal friends do not: wizards and other paranormal entities are not imaginary characters created for tales such as the ones their parents write to entertain readers and movie goers – they actually exist. In the World of Mortals, three 6’s are viewed as omens of evil but in the Parallel World, three 6’s symbolize goodness and are linked to the Prophesy of the Six. The Rank of the Cowl consists of six levels: white, yellow, blue, green, red, and purple. Each Rank has six gold stripes that must be earned before a wizard can be elevated to the next rank. Wizards of the Rank of the Cowl practice the ‘Greater Arts’. All other cosmic entities including witches, vampires, sorcerers, flints, nymphs, oracles, scanners, and transfigurers, practice the ‘Lesser Arts’. Bloodletters belong to the Rank of the Red Cowl and, in addition to earning six gold stripes; they wear six purple stripes denoting their unique lineage. Vampires are genetic mutants of Bloodletters. Unlike vampires, Bloodletters have learned to control their primitive instincts but remain true to the need to nourish with blood. Raised in the Parallel World, Maeve, Connor, and Tami have not been educated in the traditional manner but with the convening of the Council of Wizards, and because they are entering the six years of ‘coming of age’, that is about to change. Unlike Maeve, Connor, and Tami, Sarah and Todd have never wanted to learn the mysteries of the Parallel World. However, Sarah and Todd were born under the ‘Sign of the Six’ and it was only by decree of the Council of Wizards that they have been permitted to live in the World of Mortals. Dismayed when The Dunne summons them to begin their ‘coming of age’ as befitting their destinies, Sarah and Todd have no choice but to accept that the strange order and timing of their births destined that they accept the burdens and responsibilities of heritage, lineage, and birthrights. Sarah was born on the sixth day of the sixth month, two minutes before midnight. Todd was born four minutes after midnight, on the seventh day of the sixth month. There is exactly six minutes difference in the timing of their births and both twins were born with skin glyphs of the ‘Six’. According to the Prophesy, the first-born of the ‘duality’ would be the ‘Six’ and the second-born would be the ‘Guardian’ and, ‘when the duality combines, a new dawn will occur and a time of greatness and wonder will commence’. Direct descendants of Seraphina – the greatest Wizard ever known to the Parallel World, Sarah and Todd are initially sent to Nimrod Hall to commence their ‘coming of age’ and that is where they first encounter the fallen wizard, Oricon. Banished to the Badlands, Oricon has plotted revenge upon Seraphina and is determined to stop the fulfillment of the Prophesy of the Six. Having amassed his army of minions and fallen wizards through coercion, deceit, and bribery, Oricon knows that if he is to rule the Parallel World, he must not allow the twins to ‘come of age’. When he threatens Sarah and Todd’s lives, The Dunne decrees that they and their three friends be relocated to her personal residence – to be privately tutored by August Fellows to use the powers with which they born and to learn the skills necessary to fulfill their destinies. Should Sarah and Todd fail, the Parallel World and the World of Mortals will fall into chaos.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000178696140
    • ISBN:  9781626756045

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