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On a world that is nothing but a giant playing card floating through space, an international crisis breaks out after a cataclysmic event. In an attempt to boost the economy, the gardening gnome is invented, unleashing an unhealthy wave of obsession in the ignorant population.But something old and sinister calls to the petrified gnomes and they are soon about to take back the gardens.Young Etnil is a wizard diagnosed with Arcane Deficit Casting Disorder and doesn’t care much for the world. Yet, he is about to very soon, as someone needs to go on a quest to save it from the gnomes and find the legendary Ban-Hammer. As he goes, hes joined by a warrior, whos quite lost and only knows where he doesn’t want to be, and a barmaid, whod much rather be pouring drinks than cleaning up after a tavern brawl between the forces of existence.But sociopathic hippos, an evil tyrant, a board gamer and an obese old lady will not make the job easy. is the first book in the Etnil storyline.

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