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Long ago the Gods fought a terrible war that nearly destroyed all existence. Seeking to avert disaster they banished their kind to exile and left humanity to fend for itself. But now, an ancient enemy made mad by time seeks to raise his God again and wage a new war against those who would oppose him and his rule. Only a few can stop him. Their travels will take them over continents, through valleys and rivers, torment and pain, love and loss. As the Chosen struggle against their enemies they will discover more about themselves than they ever wanted to know, and reach powers previously only known to the Gods. They must succeed, for should they fail, they will bring ruin upon the entire world. They are elementals, chosen by the Gods to save the world from the mad God. This is book one of five in the series entitled Adepts and Demons. The journey of the chosen is only just beginning, and soon, they will face greater dangers than they can possibly imagine.

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