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Fortune and Death each claim to be the more powerful god. But when they begin a game to settle the matter, not even they can know how it will end or how much damage it may cause along the way. For when gods play games, the pieces on their board are nothing less than mortal lives…So begins the Immortal Wager Saga, a sprawling work of epic fantasy that spans continents and crosses both the mortal and immortal planes, and where even death may not be enough to escape the machinations of the gods.As her game moves closer to becoming a war, Fortune needs an army, and when her brother Peace falls in love with a mortal, she seizes her chance. In exchange for his beloved, Peace delivers a host of undead to fight on Fortune’s behalf. Not to be outdone, Death enlists the aid of an ancient power imprisoned in Damnation, and sets it free upon an unsuspecting world.On the mortal plane, a monk named Geiseric Cole travels to Castle Greydawn to help lift the interdict from which its inhabitants have suffered for forty years. But the monk is more than he seems, and when an attempt is made on his life, Geiseric must wonder if all is well within the Holy Church.Far to the east, Fortune’s army begins to infiltrate the mortal plane, and a soldier named Atticus becomes the first in a thousand years to kill a vampire. When he reports to the Emperor of Sarha, however, he finds that undead are not easily killed, and the empire itself may be in peril.As the contest continues, everyone—gods and mortals, living and undead—finds their fates altered in ways they could never predict and their lives thrown together in combinations they cannot escape. Fortune favors some, and Death waits for all, but when gods are at play, mortal lives are little more than pawns in a larger game.

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