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WHEN THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE IS TO LIVE LIKE A HUMAN LAW, INNOCENCE, FORGIVENESS - AND A FALLEN ANGEL Simon Draco is a fallen angel, punished to survive in the wilderness called the human world when he, with other angels, protested too much about the worthiness of the human race for the Father’s love. Being with beings that he so belittled taught Simon to survive, and in surviving he found the grace of forgiveness – to himself. He found out that humans have the capacity to raise themselves to become more than their weaknesses and their mistakes, and in the next years to come he settled in and become a defense lawyer. Simon soon becomes known in his brilliant defense of humans falsely accused of crimes. His special ability to discern if a person is being truthful or false helps him in this mission. But there is another thing to being human that he is not able to avoid – falling in love. And beautiful and courageous Dreama Addison is everything he admires, both inside and out. But she only sees him as her father’s partner in his law firm, and someone her older sister desires for herself. If he can only ask her on a date. If she will only fall for him, too, it will be like getting back his wings! If you wish to read more, download now! EXCERPT It was ironic, that the beings he’d been accusing for a long time of being worthless of the Father Time’s love, proved themselves to be worthy just by being themselves – reckless, ignorant, and weak. Oh, how much they had thought him about humility! Angels and humans had the capacity to believe they were “better” than certain other people. It’s the attitude, and not the person, and someone with a superior attitude would always find something – even the most ridiculous reasons – to insult another and then feel superior. Did that mean that angels were just incredibly insecure? That would have been Dreama’s answer, had she known about angels. Had she known about me, he thought. This brought the beautiful image of Dreama Addison to his mind. With her perfect light blonde, shoulder length hair and sexy aquamarine eyes, she drew him in more and more all the time. Even though he had known her for a while, he had never been able to get as close to her as he wanted because of some inescapable complications. The first one was that she was the younger daughter of the senior partner in the Law Firm where he worked. The second was that Raven, the older and favorite daughter, had made it quite obvious as soon as she could manage that she wanted him for herself. And Raven could be very ruthless when she wanted something. Just a whiff that Simon was actually interested in Dreama could set manipulated events that would make life uncomfortable for the younger woman. That was the reason why, on social gatherings when both of them were there, he avoided being near Dreama for too long, in case Raven noticed that he was interested in being more than a friend to her younger sister. Yes, truly. Raven could be such a pain in the ass. Simon was still very much lost in thought, figuring out how he was going to find time being with Dreama without Raven there, when the phone on his desk buzzed. Download and discover why readers are raving about Sandra Ross. Scroll up and get the book now! NEW EXCITING EROTIC ROMANCE SERIES FOR YOU! Beautiful Magick, The Whispering, In the Blood, Sex Demons, Come With Me Billionaire Series, Friend Zone, Ms Bookworm and Mr Sex Symbol, Seasons of Love, and Eve Snow Psychic PI.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2014
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000817862554
    • ISBN:  1230000207594
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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