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JD Langert, with some of her first ever published short stories, delivers five tales that deal with both the negative and humorous repercussions of misconceptions and how life can go when one judges someone, or something, a bit too quickly. In “It’s Good To Have Friends” the adulterous Henri Tudor, kicked out of his house by his wife, finds his luck changing when he is picked up by a mysterious driver named Del. The flash fiction “Priceless” follows a grieving man, Louis, as he defaces and steals millions of dollars worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. In "Hitman's Wife" Basil, a professional hitman for the mafia, must keep his wife from discovering the body in the trunk when they go for a Sunday picnic. “InseCARities” follows the comical Halloween adventure of Terry and his best friend Milo who wakes him up in the middle of the night about his car being possessed. Meanwhile, in “Interstellar Interrogations” Elias Ngyuen, a vacationing photographer, is ripped out of his bed by military members who are convinced that he is hiding aliens on his grandparents’ farm. And, last but not least, Melissa in “Hell’s Confectionaries” gives the two robbers, Hershel and Carmello, something to chew on when they attempt to rob her bakery.

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