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A collection of short stories telling of the heroic missions the Psychic Knights engaged in to save the Naturals from the TechPsychers before they gained their enhanced psychic abilities. The Cavalry Cometh  During a rescue the transporter that three of the Psychic Knights hijack is forced into a crash landing. The persuing Techpsychers force a confrontation that gives them the upper hand and threatens the future of the Psychic Knights. Feeling Alive A new type of weapon prevents the Psychic Knights from completing their rescue. Can they overcome the new technology and save the Naturals? What is it that the Naturals are used for in such unusual surroundings? Sweet Lady The Psychic Knights team up for the first time on a mission and Ifor is captivated by one of the members of the other team. His friends try to instil in him the courage to ask her out while trying to kidnap a man with knowledge of the whereabouts of more captured Naturals. Ryony Manny has dreams of being rescued by the Psychic Knights, but his friend, Terrilyn, is more realistic. She has dreams of escaping Ryony and has a plan of action. She just needed to convince Manny. The accidental murder of one of their fellow captives was the catalyst to push Manny to join Terrilyn in her plans and the time for escape was set for tonight. Strine City Stand Off A small group of Naturals were set to be shipped to a buyer by an opportunistic trader. The small convoy had to travel through the city of Shrine, a virtual war zone rife with places of ambush. Aron wasn’t taking any chances and the mercenaries he hired came with a top pedigree. If the locals wanted to try to take his cargo he was ready. But was he ready for the Psychic Knights. Crash Landing With their transporter crippled in a crash, Thorn desperately tries to keep his friend, Roman, from slipping into unconsciousness and almost certain death until the rest of the Psychic Knights arrive.  Both of them are trapped in the wreckage, unable to move. If the TechPsychers arrive before their friends, death could come in a very different form.                                     Rat King A hot world inhabited by the Rat King to control the supply of weapons with the enforced help of the Naturals. His small empire protected by TechPsychers and Pyronecs under his leadership are now in the sights of the Psychic Knights and they’re in no mood to negotiate.                                Darkness Descends The human mind is a fragile thing. The Knights encounter that fragility in both physical and psychological forms, but not just in the Naturals they set out to rescue.                                 Parameen Rescue A well guarded mining operation masks the dark secrets the TechPsychers keep as they continue their inhuman experiments on the Naturals. Will the fortress prove too much for the Psychic Knights this time?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001113009490
    • ISBN:  1230001697452

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