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# Contents: - Left Behind (3,000 word story) - The Flaming Man (3,000 word story) - The Dark Mines (3,000 word story) - Water Spirits (3,000 word story) - Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story]) - Word Count: 16,500 words - Page Count: 92 Standard Book Pages ***** Left Behind (Quest Fantasy Series #1) Murk, left behind by his own squad, is tied to a pole over top of a burning pile of wood with the fishlike Hercult dancing to the beat of his final day in the land of the living. Enter into this a giant carversaur – mightiest of monsters – and the orc champion, Oglash, and you have a recipe for disaster that can only get worse! ***** The Flaming Man (Quest Fantasy Series #2) An unknown man completely on fire rushes into Murk’s little camp in the swamp he just can’t seem to leave. With this Murk is out to create his next legend as fairies, giants and creatures of the magical variety combine to make this the best Quest short story ever! ***** # The Dark Mines (Quest Fantasy Series #3) Murk's shortcut turns out to be no shortcut at all. Captured by the dark dwarves and dragged deeper into their lair, Murk finds out that he is to be tonight's dinner; with no way to escape and all of the dwarves hungry for their Murk Kebab, living through this seems impossible.Can Murk find a way to avoid being the dark dwarves dinner and what other mysteries exist in their lair? Download to find out! ***** # Water Spirits (Quest Fantasy Series #4) Murk nearly falls to his death, but is saved by the beautiful mermaid/mage, Kate. Finding himself in a small mountain enclosed section of the Madlands, Murk decides to continue his quest to escape this brutal territory of the Free World. However, escape isn't that simple and he must travel to the Pool of Knowing and the Mirror of Knowledge. High in the mountains, he and Kate find the pool, but there are secrets that Murk cannot even begin to imagine in the depths. Can Murk get the knowledge he seeks, and will he find something more, something that will change his life completely? Download to find out! ***** # Other Titles In This Series: - Left Behind (Story #1) - The Flaming Man (Story #2) - Left Behind and Flaming Man (Combined Story Pack) - The Dark Mines (Story #3) - Water Spirits (Story #4) - The Dark Mines and Water Spirits (Combined Story Pack) - Quest: The Collection (Stories 1-4)

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