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The village of Lombard has long been a safe-haven for those of the human race, until one evening, Zekiel, a mysterious and cunning sorcerer penetrates the magical hedge of protection surrounding the town and steals a powerful amulet from its dwelling place. Upon reuniting with Ness, his longtime accomplice, Zekiel reveals that both of them are wanted for murder and being pursued by Draygon—a dangerous and vengeful bounty hunter feared throughout the land and branded as one who always catches his prey. In hopes of evading Draygon’s reach, Zekiel seeks the assistance of a renowned alchemist and his alluring shop mistress, but soon discovers others residing in the kingdom who want him dead. The Bounty Hunter’s dizzying journey leads him to befriend a young slave girl, whose colossal secret threatens to destroy a long standing peace treaty between Drifter, ruler of the Northwest and Arslon, King of the elves. In a world populated by vampires, werewolves, wizards, dwarves, and elves among dozens of other enchanted beings, the missing amulet places mankind in danger from a kingdom on the brink of war, and leaves Draygon to decide which to fulfill: his lust for vengeance or peace for the entire human race.

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