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Respero Dinner The First Story Ever Written in the World of The Beam In the not-too-distant future, Xavier is the guest of honor at an exclusive dinner. It’s a night filled with friends, family, and regrets. Respero Dinner is a thought provoking tale of love, loss, and the choices we make in life. Respero Dinner was one of the first shorts written at Collective Inkwell. Originally a part of their Dark Crossings Twilight Zone inspired stories, it has since birthed the massive world of The Beam. Praise for Collective Inkwell's Dark Crossings "I love short stories and these are great. Not many books stick in my head as long as short story plots--so they are a bargain in more ways than one. These are little twisted snapshots that keep you thinking long after you have read them. I'm thrilled the authors keep writing these collections! I'd say they are in the vein of Stephen King's short stories, but I like these even better--no offense to Mr. King." "I'm beginning to think I've found my new set of favorite authors. Dave and Sean are like a well oiled machine when it comes to putting their stories together. They are different enough from each other that their writing styles compliment each other." "I know these are not the authors best selling writings (short stories vs. series), but I love their short stories possibly more than their books. Each story can be read in a sitting yet will haunt you for much longer. Great little plots with twist endings. Short stories are my favorite genre, and these are some of my favorites ever. I have not been disappointed in any of Platt & Wright's story collections." Praise for The Beam "Wow. This book was amazing. The world that the authors have painted is probably the most believable and relatable sci-fi world I have ever seen, and yet has a lot of ideas and technology that I wouldn't have thought of. Everything from the characters to the political environment and future history of the world is intriguing and well thought out. The only complaint that I have is that this is very clearly only the beginning of the story, and when you get to the end, you're going to have a strong feeling like you only read a quarter of the book. But buy it and read it anyway, because there will be a season 2, and I can't wait for it." "Like many, I discovered Sean Platt through his contributions to Yesterday's Gone, itself a enjoyable pulpy page-turner. The Beam, however, is a much more serious book, but no less enjoyable for that. Although many of the themes are much more adult than I was expecting (torture, sex, drugs) this is my favourite of Platt's stories so far, and all the more interesting by virtue of his having a different co-author to much of his other work." "What a fantastic read. I've read a good deal of the authors work and enjoyed them all. This though, is special. The world is not ours, but look back a few decades and you can see how quickly we accept changes and roll with them to understand how this could easily be the future. Great world, imaginative and gripping characters, strong pacing; simply a gripping yarn. I am really looking forward to seeing how this world develops and fully expect this to become cannon in sci fi like Blade Runner, The Foundation Series, and The Sprawl Trilogy." CHECK OUT THE BEAM EPISODE ONE FOR FREE READ MORE STORIES LIKE THIS WITH ALL 18 DARK CROSSINGS: Are You Ready For a Dinner You'll Never Forget?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2000816647336
    • ISBN:  1230000201393

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